Team Lighthouse (Ellie & Rohan): Raise £3930 for FOP

We would all like to thank a fantastic young lady Ellie Tulloch and her equally fantastic Gran, Rohan Beyts,who gave up two weeks of their summer holiday to raise money for FOP by walking from Edinburgh to Rohan’s lighthouse just outside Aberdeen, a total of 142 miles. They managed to raise an incredible total of £3930.TE-3  We can’t thank them enough and have included the words from them both on why they decided to do the walk.

TE-4What Ellie says about it

I first thought about walking to the lighthouse when I was visiting my granny (Rohan) at her lighthouse. It was a sunny day and I said to her that we should walk from my house (Ratho) to the lighthouse in summer 2014. She thought it was a good idea and agreed. We have decided to raise for FOP Action because my cousin Dylan suffers from FOP.

FOP is a disease that starts from the neck and works its way down to the feet, the body repairs itself with bone. People born with FOP often have a malformed big toe. Fop is very rare. All the research is funded by donations.

TE-2What Granny Says

I am very proud of my granddaughter. This idea of Ellie’s is very typical of her adventurous and generous spirit. She has always loved being outside so much so I have nicknamed her Elemental. She and Dylan are a similar age (he’s 12 and she’s 11) and as FOP is so rare the research is reliant on charity donations year on year. Previously we have climbed hills together, walked the Lairig Ghru and wild camped.  This 142 mile trek is a big challenge for us both but I know that she will be up to it. Our route will take us round the North Sea Coastal Trail. We will welcome other walkers if they want to join us for a day along the route. If you do just let us know. Our days will average 14-15 miles and there will be some rest days when we take time out to play on the Elie chain walk and visit the Bell Rock Lighthouse. We will be camping along the way.


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